Why you might need prestige car storage?

9 February 2021

Whether you own a classic prestige vehicle or a brand spanking new supercar, taking care of your prestige motor is of course a top priority. Our prestige car storage facility ensures you can do just that, but why exactly might you need to store your prestige vehicle with us? In this blog post, our vehicle storage experts answer this all-important question.


You want to protect it properly

For drivers that don’t own prestige vehicles, specialist car storage is often seen as a luxury. As owners of prestige models know, storage is more a necessity, especially over the winter months.

Prestige cars need protecting from the worst of the winter weather. Ice, snow and sleet are enemies of prestige cars and quickly degrade paintwork and impair performance. By storing your car over winter, you can safeguard your vehicle and hit the road with confidence come springtime.


You’re away from home

Even if you have access to a locked garage, ensuring your vehicle is fully secure is difficult, particularly if you are away from home.

Our prestige car storage unit is purpose-built to house vehicles of all types. From our rural Northamptonshire base, your prestige vehicle will enjoy a holiday of its very own in a 24-hour monitored, climate-controlled and fully insured facility.

We also house any type of prestige vehicle for any period, so whether you’re enjoying a much-needed holiday, taking a business trip, or working or living overseas for months on end, we’ve got you covered.


You’re moving or improving your property

If you’re busy moving house or even renovating your property, let our prestige car storage experts give you one less thing to worry about. Your prestige vehicle can be stored for the short and long term while you get your house in order.

Storing a beloved vehicle while building work is being undertaken is becoming more and more common. Concerned prestige car owners however can have extra peace of mind that their vehicle is in safe hands while building work is being completed.


You want to give your car the five-star treatment

Every vehicle, whether prestige, classic or your everyday runaround, deserves a spot of pampering from time to time.

Our prestige car storage services are so much more than the average, and during your vehicle’s stay with us, it can receive five-star treatment. In addition to undertaking MOTs and servicing on your behalf, stored luxury, classic and prestige vehicles can undergo detailing. With a little TLC from us, your vehicle will leave our specialist storage facility looking factory-fresh.


You can find more information on our prestige car storage options right here. Alternatively, please contact us direct for further details or to book.


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