How will the changes to car sales from 2030 impact my classic car?

11 January 2021

As a nation, we’ve taken some major steps towards increasing our environmental friendliness. We wouldn’t be seen without our reusable bag and take household recycling very seriously indeed to reduce our carbon footprints in our everyday lives. The government has also taken on a greener view to ensure the impacts of climate change can be minimised in the future, with even the automotive industry set to change for good from 2030.

Here we take a closer look at the car sales changes due to come into effect from 2030 and discuss how they will impact you and, more importantly, your classic car…

What will change from 2030?

The car industry is set to be revolutionised in the coming years, with the sale of new purely petrol and diesel powered cars banned by 2030.

The government move has been coined the ‘green industrial revolution’. These ambitious government plans are being brought forward to encourage more drivers to switch to electric cars and contribute to a greener future.

Many industry experts - including car makers, car dealers and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) - have criticised the plans. Most worry that the new deadline will present an immense challenge for manufacturers and unrealistic costs for consumers.

How will the ban affect you?

Despite the fossil-fuelled vehicle ban not coming into force until 2030, the prospect is already worrying drivers. Electric car sales have no doubt been rising for a number of years but they still represent a small percentage of all new car sales in the UK.

Electric cars also tend to be more expensive. Even with assistance from the government – plug-in grants currently provide a £3,000 discount for eligible zero-emission models – many drivers will unfortunately be priced out of the market.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! As well as helping the planet, the 2030 ban is certain to send vehicle manufacturers into overdrive as they attempt to produce better, more competitively priced zero-emission models, which means greater choice for consumers.

Will used and prestige cars become more desirable?

The used car market is expected to receive a boost in the run up to the 2030 petrol and diesel ban, which is great news for classic car owners! Consumers looking to invest in a new car are less likely to want to shell out for a brand new vehicle in light of the upcoming ban making used cars better investments.

The desirability of prestige and classic cars is also predicted to remain high despite the imminent ban and their use of fossil fuels. This means it’s never been more important to protect your investment with our classic car storage services!

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