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Set in a discreet, rural location we offer secure, climate controlled storage facilities for specialist, sports, classic and prestige cars with 24 hour monitoring and climate controlled environment.



Leigh Pettifer has been working with high value cars since starting ‘Circuit 2 Circuit’ in 2000  – a covered car transportation service with a rich history in Formula 1 cars. His passion for cars lead him to expand his services to Sports Cars ( Group C ) in 1988. Before the age of 19, Leigh was transporting many cars to and from Germany for Richard Lloyd Racing who ran Porsche 956 & 962’s. Leigh and business partner Paul have continued their passion and expanded their portfolio with clients from across the world trusting their dedication and professionalism.



Classic & Race Car Storage

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24 hour monitored storage facility for your pride and joy. From motorbikes to classics, sports to supercars we have over 20 years of experience working with luxury motors and provide the perfect environment for safekeeping.

Whether you need a few months dry, safe and secure storage or a long-term solution with the peace of mind that it will be in the exact same condition, we have the perfect solution.

Both of our custom, purpose built, secure car storage facilities are less than 10 years old and have been designed to cater for the exacting needs of prestige, luxury, classic car and motorbike owner requirements.

'OK’ isn’t a word we refer to at SCRACS.  If something is ‘OK’, that simply isn’t good enough, which is why we’ve invested significant time and expense into our dedicated classic car storage facilities.

Based deep in the beautiful countryside surrounding Silverstone, the SCRACS facilities offer 100% safe car storage. What’s more, they rests within the grounds of our family home and are, as you’d expect, treated as members of the family.

We care deeply about every car we store, which is why both of our purpose-built facilities are fully climate-controlled and monitored around the clock via CCTV.

Resembling nothing more than an ultra modern farm building externally, they are the perfect resting place for your pride and joy. 

At SCRACS, we have a team of car enthusiasts who have spent years providing the best possible car storage for a variety of vehicles.

Our personal yet professional approach to every car we look after is why our clients continually come back.

No car is too big, small, rare, expensive or low in value. We offer secure, round-the-clock monitored car storage for classic, prestige, luxury and everyday cars.

There are so many reasons people use our service. If you’re heading away on holiday or for a work trip, we can take care of your car - short or long term. We can also provide a safe haven for SORN cars.

Our facilities rests safely in the grounds of our home in rural Silverstone, and from just £42.50 + vat per week, your car will receive its own space in a super-clean, climate-controlled environment. With around-the-clock monitoring and the highest-end security systems, to boot.

We don’t just store cars, either. We can provide optional servicing and paintwork, MOT testing, detailing and even race day preparations. What’s more, we’ll ensure your car is regularly started and taken for short runs along our private driveway to keep everything in top condition.

It doesn’t matter what type of motorbike you have - if you’re a fan of two-wheeled, engine-powered transport, you’ll want to keep your prized bike safe at all times.

At SCRACS, we have a team of car and motorbike enthusiasts who will care for your motorcycle as though it was their own. It’s what sets us apart from other motorbike storage companies and has ensured our customers return time and again.

For an unbelievable price of just £20 + vat per week, we’ll store your motorbike in our safe, climate-controlled storage facility in the heart of Silverstone’s rolling countryside. It’s monitored around-the-clock and features the best possible security systems to keep your bike ultra-safe.

There’s no hidden charges or catches, either. This is motorbike storage as it should be; secure, affordable, reliable and something you can turn to whenever you need it.

Our flexibility also marks us out against the competition. We regularly store motorbikes for short and long periods of time. For some of our customers, it might be during a weekend away or a much longer stint when the bike isn’t in use.

So, whether you’re heading away on business, have a big holiday planned or simply want to ensure your bike is somewhere ultra-safe this weekend, the SCRACS team will give you ultimate peace of mind.

From just £42.50 + vat per week for cars and £20 + vat per week for motorbikes, the SCRACS team can be called on at any time of the year to look after your vehicle.

It doesn’t matter how long you need us to look after it, either. We have customers who have required secure vehicle storage for several months (sometimes, years), while others just need a weekend’s peace of mind while they take a break somewhere.

However long you need us to look after your vehicle, you can be assured of a service that includes the latest security features, round-the-clock surveillance and climate-controlled conditions. We’ve left nothing uncovered - literally.

We also do much more than simply store vehicles. If yours needs some work undertaking while it’s with us, you can rest safe in the knowledge that it will be done to the highest standard. From simple MOTs to paint correction and more in-depth bodywork, we have every service you might need, right at our fingertips.

Why would you leave your vehicle with us? Because we don’t just provide secure vehicle storage - we genuinely treat the cars and motorbikes we look after as though they’re ours. And our two storage facilities in Silverstone simply need to be seen to be believed. You’ll find nowhere cleaner, safer or more secure for your vehicle.

Classic Car Storage

Some cars are far more than four-wheeled transportation. To classic car enthusiasts, they’re a passion, hobby and - let’s be honest - part of the family. That’s why, when you head away for business or on holiday, you’ll want your classic car to be as secure as possible.

You have two options: leave it at home or with a professional classic car storage company like SCRACS. The first option might seem sensible at first, but that could leave it open to the elements and, unfortunately, the possibility of theft.

Clearly, you don’t want that for your classic car, so why not lean on the services of a car storage company that has spent years securely storing some of the world’s most expensive, prestigious classic cars?

From just £42.50 + vat per week, your classic car is guaranteed a safe spot in one of our secure storage facilities in the heart of Northamptonshire. Located within the grounds of our home, they are monitored around the clock, feature the highest levels of security and the best climate control.

There really is nowhere better to leave your car while you head off on holiday or an extended business venture. What’s more, we can treat your classic car to other services while its with us. Paint correction, MOTs and servicing are just some examples of the additional services we can provide while your classic car is with us.

The SCRACS team has spent years investing our passion for motoring into the most secure and car-friendly storage facilities you’ll find. It’s why we regularly welcome back existing customers and why spaces fill up so fast. So, with that in mind, we recommend getting in touch with our friendly team as soon as you can if you need secure storage for your classic car.

Luxury Car Storage

Luxury cars are far more than just modes of transport. For the owners or collectors, they’re treasured, constantly admired and play a huge role in their lives.

This is why, when you’re not able to be with your luxury car, investing in luxury car storage is so important. The alternative is to leave the car unattended, unwatched and unloved while you’re away, and the potential outcome from that doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s why we have so many returning customers, and why SCRACS has developed an enviable reputation for providing the best possible car storage for the most luxurious car brands on the planet.

For many years, we’ve provided the ultimate in luxury car storage at our incredible facilities in Northamptonshire. They sit within the grounds of our family home and benefit from the latest in security, climate control and love from our dedicated team.

In fact, that’s one of the many elements of the SCRACS service that differ from the competition. Our team is made up of people who love cars as much as you do, and that means they’ll treat your car as if they own it. There isn’t a luxury car they haven’t touched, driven or admired, and, as a result, they know exactly how to care for yours.

We can also do far more than simply store your luxury car. Thanks to partnerships with the best in the business, we can undertake MOTs, servicing, paint correction and more while your luxury car is with us. Just tell us what needs doing, and we’ll ensure it’s done to the best possible standard.

At SCRACS, we inject our decades of experience and a huge passion for cars into everything we do. If you’re heading away on an extended business trip, annual holiday or simply a short weekend break, our luxury car storage will provide the exact peace of mind you need.

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