Our Car Storage Facility

Why we do this

We know you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to car storage in the UK. Unfortunately, we also know that some of those options aren’t particularly good for your car or motorbike.

Old, dusty sheds, big cold warehouses, and backstreet garages are commonplace, and that’s why we started SCRACS. We wanted to provide a safe haven for cars for a price that’s near impossible to beat.

We do this because we love it. We love cars, we love their owners and we love having the opportunity to look after some of the rarest examples on the planet. If you’re looking for safe, secure, affordable car storage - you’ve found it.

Your car’s or motorbike’s perfect home

We’ve built two vehicle storage facilities in the heart of Silverstone’s beautiful countryside. They reside within the grounds of our family home and feature round-the-clock surveillance.

When people visit our facilities for the first time, they nearly always say the same thing. “We can’t believe how clean it is”, “I could eat my dinner off that floor”, “those car covers are just perfect” are just some of the remarks we get.

And they’re right. SCRACS is pretty much unrivalled when it comes to a secure storage space for cars and motorbikes. We’ve invested in the best climate control system and security features that keep any vehicle we look after as safe as it should be. It’s the perfect home for your pride and joy.

The SCRACS difference

When you meet the SCRACS team, you’ll immediately realise what the SCRACS difference is. We genuinely care about the cars we look after. In fact, we treat them like our own.

We’re also super-flexible and can look after cars for any length of time. If you’re heading away for the weekend or on business for a year, we’ve got a space for your vehicle.

This is what makes us so different to other car storage facilities. To us, it isn’t just a job - it’s something we love deeply. This stems from the many years we’ve spent in motorsport transportation and storage, and you can find that passion woven into the fabric of the SCRACS service.

Our experience really does count

We’ve spent decades working with cars. From transporting the most prized sports cars in the business to storing some of the rarest ever to roll off the production line, the SCRACS team has the experience that genuinely counts.

Our car and motorbike storage business grew from this passion - we didn’t just create it on a whim. It’s why we don’t just offer storage; we can also transport your car anywhere in the world and provide other services such as MOTs and paint correction while it’s with us.

We know how much your car or motorbike means to you which is why our service is built on experience that counts. You can rely on us, any time of the year, to treat it as it should be treated and ensure it’s ready for when you return.

Speak to fellow car enthusiasts

Want to find out more about the SCRACS difference? Just want a friendly chat with fellow car and motorbike enthusiasts? Get in touch!

There’s no obligation and you’ll quickly realise we’re far from hardened salespeople. We’ll help you with car storage requirements if needed, but we’re equally happy to simply answer any questions you might have about our service.

Get in touch with the SCRACS team today and discover why we have so many returning customers.

Our First Facility


We have been storing and looking after luxury, classic, prestige cars and motorbikes for customers throughout the world for the past two decades. 



In early 2017 we opened the doors to our first brand new, purpose built, climate controlled, fully managed and secure car and bike storage facility in the heart of Northamptonshire.


Today this facility looks after over 60 vehicles for customers throughout the UK and beyond.


Our second new facility


Owing to the huge success of the first car and motorbike storage facility we were proud to finish our second new facility at the end of last year.


We opened the doors of our second brand new car and motorbike storage facility and it has been well received by all of our customers.


We are now able to look after well over 100 vehicles for our customers.


Please get in touch to find out how we can help you with your car or motorbike storage needs.


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