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Silverstone Classic and Race Car Storage

Our two car and motorbike storage facilities at SCRACS are the best and only way to store your sports car, classic car, motorbike or any vehicle that just happens to be your pride and joy.  We will look after it as though it was our own!

We don't just take your key and lock it up and forget about it, it will stay in one of our purpose built climate-controlled storage facilities with 24 hour monitoring and be looked after by our team who deeply love cars and bikes.

With a cost that is affordable and a business and people you can trust it is your only go to solution for your car storage services.

We know that some cars are more than just vehicles. To some people, they’re family heirlooms, prized possessions or one-off finds that simply can’t be replicated.

If you have a classic car that needs storing, SCRACS has a space for you. We understand the relationship you have with your car, whether it’s a 100-year-old Bentley or modern classic, our team knows how to look after it.

We’ve stored some of the most prestigious classic cars in the UK, and that’s why people continually return to bring their cars back to us, whenever the need for secure car storage arises.

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Some of our customers’ cars have been with us that long they feel part of the family. In fact, we even have customers who buy cars and immediately have them sent to our secure car storage facility near Silverstone.

This is because they know the value of investing in top-quality car storage. You’ll find nothing quite like SCRACS anywhere else. We’ve purpose-built two vehicle storage facilities in the heart of Northamptonshire and just a stone’s throw from Silverstone.

Long-term car storage is defined entirely by you. Whether that’s during an extended holiday in the Bahamas or while you’re away on business for a couple of years, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your car is in the best possible hands. What’s more, it’ll be in tip-top condition when it’s time to collect.

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We’ve ploughed all of our knowledge into building two perfect car storage facilities. That’s over 35 years of industry experience that includes storing and transporting some of the world’s most valuable and prestigious vehicles.

When you approach our facilities, you’d think they’re nothing more than fancy, modern farm buildings, but within their walls you’ll find the best security available, climate control, a floor you could eat your dinner off and a car lift that needs to be seen to be believed.

SCRACS customers also benefit from 24-hour CCTV monitoring and two car storage facilities that sit within the grounds of our family home. There’s nowhere safer or more secure for your pride and joy - we promise.

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We store motorbikes, too. In fact, we regularly store the two-wheeled companions of many returning customers, because they know the benefits of investing in a company that treats their bike in the same way they’d treat it.

Anyone in the know understands that, while motorbikes are built to be ridden, they do spend quite a significant amount of time in the garage while not in use. For some owners, they’re only to be enjoyed during the summer, which leaves them bereft of action for long periods of time.

Whatever your need for motorbike storage, SCRACS has a space for you - short or long-term. It’ll be kept safe in our climate-controlled, secure facility, receive regular starting and kept in great battery health. There really is nowhere better to leave your motorbike when it isn’t in use.

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We know there are lots of options out there for car and motorbike storage. Unfortunately, we also know that most of them are nothing more than badly renovated barns, old garages or ideas people have had to make a bit of extra cash.

SCRACS is vehicle storage built from the ground-up. Our two facilities were created only for that purpose, and that means we were able to build them with one job in mind. The result? Perfect storage for your car or motorbike.

We don’t just store vehicles, though. If yours needs an MOT, service or even paint correction undertaken while it’s with us, we have the best contacts in the business to get it done, ready for your return.

What really sets SCRACS apart, however, is the team. You won’t find a more car-mad bunch of experts in the business. We’ll treat your car or motorbike as though we own it while it’s with us; your pride and joy will never be in better hands when you can’t be there for it.

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