What are the top 5 maintenance tips for looking after your motorbike?

13 April 2021

With spring in full swing, now is the perfect time to hit the open road on your beloved motorbike once again. Before you get your motorbike out of winter storage, completing those maintenance musts should certainly be high on your agenda.

Just like car maintenance, motorbike maintenance is essential to ensuring your bike is roadworthy and safe, and as a motorbike owner it’s up to you to complete those basic maintenance tasks. But where do you begin when looking after your motorbike and preparing it for the warmer months ahead? Read on to discover our top five motorbike maintenance tips…


1. Check your engine oil levels

Essential fluid levels are must-checks when getting any vehicle back on the road. Checking and topping up fluids should form part of your weekly maintenance plan, especially if you’re riding your motorbike more and more over spring and summer. Your engine oil in particular should be checked and changed regularly.

In addition to making your motorbike safe and more efficient, changing your engine oil will increase its road life. To make sure you’re checking and changing your engine oil frequently enough for your bike make and model, check your recommended schedule.


2. Keep an eye on those tyres

Under-inflated tyres are very bad news for motorbike riders. Don’t leave yourself at risk of blow-outs, check the air pressure and tread depth of your tyres, and replace where necessary.


3. Spring clean your bike

After months in storage, making sure your bike is ready for the road should inspire you to get cleaning and waxing, but indulging in a spring clean shouldn’t be a seasonal occurrence.

Cleaning should be a regular part of your motorbike maintenance plan, whether you ride regularly or not very often at all. There are some golden rules when cleaning your bike however. You should never clean it outside on a hot day or straight after an outing for example. Using a jack or lift is another effective way to make motorbike cleaning more of a pleasure than a chore.


4. Make time for waxing

Every time you clean your motorbike, you should wax too. In fact, not waxing regularly is a mistake many motorbike owners make. Waxing does so much more than give your bike a shiny appearance, it protects it from dirt, dust, debris and even poor weather.


5. Lubricate your bike chain

Once you’ve cleaned and waxed your vehicle, lubricate your bike chain. Your motorbike’s chain is particularly vulnerable to wear and tear, but with regular lubrication, a chain can last as long as 30,000 miles!


Here at Silverstone Classic and Race Car Storage, we provide some much more than motorbike storage. Our full range of services means your bike can be maintained and detailed before and after storage so it’s ready for you and the open road as soon as you need it. Remember we’re here for you and your motorbike for the short and long term, and all year round!

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