Taking care of your car or motorbike during the winter

13 October 2023

With the end of 2023 just around the corner and winter hurtling towards us, car and motorbike maintenance become more of a priority. The colder months after all present a whole new list of challenges to overcome and maintenance jobs to be getting on with.

To help you finish 2023 safely and with your vehicle’s very best interests at heart, our experts are here to share their top tips for taking care of your car or motorbike during winter…

Top winter maintenance musts for car owners

Coping with the cold, snow and ice that winter brings isn’t easy, especially without the right upkeep and preparations. Vehicle breakdowns and road traffic accidents are more widespread in winter as a result. But, you don’t have to put yourself and your passengers at risk with every car journey.

Before you set off, make sure your windows are clear and visibility is good. You should also check that your lights are in working order before the start of every journey to ensure other road users can see you too. While winter tyres aren’t essential, winter or all-season tyres can be good investments for those who drive regularly and/or live in colder, wetter parts of the UK.

Maintenance-wise, you should pay particular attention to the operation and health of your batteries and electrics as well as top up your fluid levels. Antifreeze is particularly important as temperatures drop.

Expert winter care advice for motorcyclists

While riding your motorbike is possible during winter, most motorcyclists choose to take a break over the cooler months to put safety first. Whether you’re indulging in a little winter riding or not towards the end of 2023, you’ll want to keep vehicle checks and maintenance regular.

Before you ride, always check your tyres, controls, lights, oil and antifreeze levels, and chassis. Cleaning and lubricating the drive chain on your motorbike is also recommended.

Your battery should be inspected at regular intervals as the lower temperatures of winter can take their toll on this particular part. Protecting exposed surfaces from road salt and subsequent corrosion is another maintenance must.

If in doubt, store your vehicle with SCRACS

If you’re looking to store your car or motorbike to see out 2023, we can help. Our storage facilities are secure, climate controlled and monitored around the clock to ensure a comfortable home away from home for any vehicle. We can also assist with car and bike detailing to protect your investment further.

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