Getting your classic car ready for storage over the winter

10 November 2023

Proper winter storage is vital for any vehicle, especially a make and model with many, many miles on the clock or years under its belt. For classic car owners in particular, there are several advantages to storing a car for the winter.

With winter car storage, you can preserve your pride and joy, keeping your classic vehicle far away from snow, rain, damaging road salt, and the risky road conditions that come with the colder season. Seasonal storage has also been linked to extended vehicle lifespans, fewer repairs, and easier preparation for the spring driving season.

Whatever rewards you are looking to reap by storing your classic vehicle with us this winter, you’ll want to run through the following steps to prepare your vehicle for storage.

Change your oil and filter

Leaving used oil languishing in your classic car isn’t ideal. Used oil is teeming with contaminants, which have the potential to damage your engine over time. Change your oil and filter before storing your vehicle for the winter. It’ll help to protect and preserve its condition, leaving you to hit the road quickly with fresh oil come the spring.

Check your coolant

Coolant is another vital vehicle fluid that should be checked regularly as part of your routine maintenance. Its job is to keep the engine at just the right temperature, but it also prevents freezing and associated damage during winter.

While our customers have no such worries thanks to our climate-controlled storage facility, as a rule of thumb, you should always make sure that your coolant is at the correct level before storing.

Inspect all tyres

When hitting the road next spring, you don’t want to waste any time booking your vehicle in for repairs and replacements! Inspect your tyres before it is stored, replacing worn tyres where necessary, so you can really make the most of your driving time when the weather warms.

Disconnect the battery

There are many advantages to disconnecting your car battery for storage. It prevents battery drain, protects any electronics, minimises the risk of acid leaks, and preserves performance. Disconnect your classic car’s battery before storing it with us, ensuring your car is turned off and the proper protective equipment is worn.

Thoroughly clean and wash

Storing a dirty vehicle is one thing you should definitely avoid. Before storing your vehicle, clean and wash it thoroughly both inside and out.

Don’t have the time or supplies to wash, clean and detail your classic car? Leave it to us! Here at SCRACS, we offer more than just 100% secure storage. Our experts deliver detailing, and even servicing and MOTs, to ensure your classic vehicle receives five-star treatment.

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