How to tell a great car storage company from any old shed

30 September 2019

The choices can seem endless when considering a storage location for your car, and with sheds and lock-up garages offering competitive prices, it can be tempting to consider them over a specialist storage facility.

We are sure that if you love your car, you’ll want peace of mind that it’s being stored with a great company.

If you’re looking for something a little more professional or up-market, and you want to know how to tell a great car storage company from any old barn or shed, then keep an eye out for these following perks when doing your research.

1. The extra security

Storing your car anywhere will decrease the chances of car theft, but can you rest at night knowing you’ve just locked your car away with little knowledge of its fate in a barn?

Not all car storage companies will offer the added benefit of a fully insured, alarmed facility with 24/7 CCTV coverage for your car. These are all signs of a great car storage company, and perks you should definitely be on the look-out for if your car is particularly valuable.

That extra assurance surely sets specialist car storage facilities apart from any old barn or shed?

2. Not just protection from bad weather

Opting for a barn or shed for your car might at first seem like the perfect storage solution. Sure, you can get better protection from bad weather and potential damage from passers-by, but you can never guarantee the conditions when it comes to damp, humidity or freezing temperatures.

Specialist car storage companies will offer climate control, which means your car will be kept in a dry facility at a regulated temperature, much better than taking the risk of storing it in any old shed.

3. The added extras

We think that the best way to tell a great car storage company from any old shed is the added extras the experts will offer. Storage companies that are dedicated to the job will be able to give you a little more than just storage, which is great if you’re looking for a long-term home for your car.

Locking your car up in a semi-secure garage will serve a purpose, but can they offer services like MOT, paintwork, detailing and servicing? These are tell-tale signs of a great storage company.

4. They also look after prestige cars

A final way to tell a great car storage company from any old shed is looking at what other cars are in their care at any given time. Companies with a collection of luxury and performance cars is another sign of a great car storage facility.

Prestige and luxury car owners are hardly going to lock their pride and joy away in a shed, and you can trust the loyalty and trust of these customers when it comes to keeping your own car safe from harm.

Wrapping up

Choosing to store your car, be it in a shed, garage or prestige facility is always a good decision, but spending that little extra money will make a huge difference and will ensure your car is in great hands.

Contact us at SCRACS for more information on our specialist facility which can offer a range of options and perks to suit your car storage needs.

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