5 ways to safely store your car this winter

18 October 2019

Not every classic car driver wants to keep their beloved vehicle on the road during the winter. You might feel that you want to store your car, but need some tips and tricks on how to do it safely and avoid any unnecessary damage.

Here are 5 things you can do to keep your classic car safe in storage during the winter.

1. Store in your garage

If you own a classic car, then you might already be wary of simply parking your pride and joy across the street from your home. Particularly in the winter, you may want to consider clearing some space in your garage to help keep your classic car safe and warm.

Ensure your garage is well ventilated and consider investing in a dehumidifier to prevent damp and moisture build-up.

2. Car cover

Investing in a car cover is a sure-fire way to keep your classic car safe over the winter. They have a wide variety of benefits to your car all year round, but for the winter, they can help protect your car from the wet, freezing and damp conditions.

Not only are car covers inexpensive, but they are easy to store when you don’t need them, and a quick fix solution for when you need to think of ways to keep your car safe this winter.

3. General maintenance

Keeping your classic car safe during the winter requires prevention against external damage but also the interior parts that keep your classic car running at its best.

By doing some general maintenance on your classic car before and it goes away into storage for the winter, you can help prevent any damage or ongoing issues when you start it back up again in the spring.

We’d always recommend you change the oil and filters, correct your tyre pressures, and use some WD-40 on any unpainted metal areas to prevent rust over the winter season.

4. Get a smart charger

If you’re planning on storing your car for the entire winter season, you might be worried about keeping your car safe from the damage that can result in not taking it for a spin on a regular basis.

Investing in a smart charger is a great way to keep on top of your engine, by simply switching it on and letting your car run for ten minutes every few weeks to keep that battery charged and in good health.

5. Classic car storage

If you want the best possible care for your classic car over the winter, then we would always recommend opting for professional car storage.

Particularly over the winter when conditions can seriously affect your car, it’s a smart idea to pick a car storage company that can securely protect your car from any damage or issues it may have succumbed to if simply left.

At SCRACS, we provide secure and climate-controlled storage all year round, specifically suited to classic and prestige cars.

Wrapping up

Incorrectly or inefficiently storing your car over the winter can cause more harm than good, so it’s important that, if you opt-out of professional car storage, you follow some of our simple tips to keep your classic car safely stored this winter.

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