Securing your car during winter

12 November 2020

With the winter weather setting in, owners of sports, luxury and classic cars will be getting ready to hang up their keys for another driving season.

The British winter is a little unforgiving at times, and many vehicle owners choose to secure their car during the cooler months to protect it from plummeting temperatures and adverse weather conditions as a result. If you’re looking to secure your car this winter, you’ll want to read the following top tips…

Give it one last clean

Before you say “goodbye” to your vehicle, be sure to give it a good clean. Leaving dirt, debris, dust and grime on your vehicle for a long period of time will damage the paintwork, leaving you with an expensive repair job come spring.

By booking your vehicle in for a valet or doing it yourself at home, you can keep that paintwork in prime condition.

Invest in a car cover

Car covers are great investments for owners of sports cars, luxury vehicles and classic motors. You can purchase a cover for your vehicle for as little as £25, but we’d recommend investing in a high quality cover to ensure the moisture that causes rusting and other paintwork damage is kept at bay.

Choose a great storage facility

Even if you’re only interested in short term vehicle storage, we understand that not any old storage facility will do.

At Silverstone Classic & Race Car Storage, you won’t find the dusty sheds, cold warehouses or backstreet garages that are commonplace throughout the storage industry. Our storage facility offers a safe haven for all vehicles, whether you’re storing your everyday car, supercar, SORN vehicle, or classic car.

Based in the Northamptonshire countryside, our storage unit is monitored 24 hours a day, secure, climate controlled and fully insured.

Keep on top of maintenance

Unfortunately, storing your vehicle isn’t always as simple as booking it in at a storage facility and forgetting about it for a few months. What if your MOT is due during your vehicle’s time in storage? Or a service is required?

Unlike our competitors, we provide more than just a safe place to store your car. If an MOT or service is required, we’ll undertake this for you to ensure you stay on top of all your safety and maintenance responsibilities. We also provide detailing and paint correction so your vehicle will be returned to you in an even better condition!

For further information about our winter storage options, please contact us direct.

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