Protecting your classic car from road salt

14 March 2022

Road salt is the go-to defence for preparing roadways and safeguarding drivers during harsher weather conditions. Despite road salt being integral to safe driving, it’s no good for the condition of your car, especially if you are the proud owner of a classic model.

As a leading provider of car and bike detailing, as well as classic car storage and transport, our experts know a thing or two about protecting your investment. Discover all you need to know to protect your classic car from the corrosive element of road salt.


Know the dangers

Road salt works wonders for road safety, and is used to break the bond between ice and road to prevent accidents in harsher weather conditions. The corrosive effects that it’s known and celebrated for however have a more negative impact on your classic car’s body work.

Salt, or sodium chloride, reduces the freezing point of water, and the same chemical reaction that dissolves dangerous ice and snow from the road surface can corrode your car.

The bodywork of your vehicle can suffer from accelerated corrosion as a result of exposure, whilst your classic car’s undercarriage and its components can also be significantly damaged. The brake and fuel lines in particular are susceptible to corrosion and rust.


Keep it clean

Protection from road salt is one of the lesser known benefits of a regular wash and wax. By extending your vehicle maintenance to include a wax sealant – this is applied after your wax – you can provide additional protection for your classic car against damaging road salt.


Reduce your driving

One sure-fire way to prevent road salt wreaking havoc with your classic car is by reducing your driving during winter and early spring, or when the weather is at its worst and the gritters have been on patrol. Our classic car storage services provide a safe, secure and affordable solution for protecting your vehicle when it isn’t in use.


Repair scrapes and chips

Your freshly washed, waxed and sealed paint work will provide some protection against road salt, but those pesky scrapes, chips and rust spots make your bodywork particularly vulnerable.

Scrapes, chips and rust spots provide entry points for road salt, which will react with the metal your paintwork usually conceals to cause damage. Getting these damaged areas repaired as soon as possible is therefore vital.

Our detailing service will remedy those subtle paint defects in no time to leave your older vehicle looking (almost) new. With professional detailing, you can protect against road salt and enjoy your classic car at its very best.

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