8 steps to preparing your motorbike for winter storage

3 October 2017

8 steps to preparing your motorbike for winter storage

Now that the long days of summer are drawing to a close and winter is looming, you might be thinking about how best to store your motorbike during the colder months. If your motorcycle isn’t a primary method of transport and is only used during the spring and summer, storing it can be the best way to keep it in tip-top condition over the winter. However, before putting your bike into storage, it’s worth undertaking a few essential maintenance tasks. And the good news? You should be able to do them yourself! Note: in this post we simply describe the things you’ll need to do pre-storage, but we’d suggested consulting an expert mechanic on the exact steps required if you’re unsure

1. Change the oil

Once you’ve finished your last ride of the season, make sure you change the oil. That way, you know it’ll be fighting-fresh when unearthed from storage. Just make sure you consult with the owner’s manual to find the specific oil your bike needs.

2. Give it a wash

It might seem like an odd thing to do before putting it into storage, but by giving your motorcycle a thorough clean, you’ll wash off all the grit from a summer of riding that might damage the finish over the winter.

3. Fill it with petrol

It isn’t advisable to store your bike with a half empty tank or one that’s running on fumes. A full tank helps prevent rust and gunk from causing serious problems - so get it topped up!

4. Move your bike into the storage position

If you fancy saving yourself a heap of hassle, skip now to section 8… …If you’d rather do it yourself, move your bike into the location where it’ll be stored (we’ll assume it’s your garage), and find the driest parking spot.

5. Cover the mufflers

Use a plastic bag or similar to cover your motorbike’s mufflers to stop things crawling into it (trust us - it happens!).

6. Disconnect and remove the battery

Granted, it might be a bit of a pain to remove, but if you leave your battery in place during long-term storage, you might cause significant problems come next year when you decide to start it up again. Because it might not start at all. Disconnect the battery and remove it. If you can, leave it on a trickle charge to ensure it’ll be ready next year.

7. Cover your two-wheeled pride and joy

This is it - time to say “goodbye” for a few months. Rather than simply chucking an old dust sheet or bed cover over your pride and joy, invest in a quality motorcycle cover. They’re made for the task and will ensure it enjoys the best possible protection during the cold winter months.

8. Alternatively: book it into SCRCS!

If the above all seems like too much work, that’s understandable. Thankfully, another option exists, and it lies within these very pages you’re reading. At Silverstone Classic and Race Car Storage, we offer secure motorbike storage for just £12.50 per week. We even offer servicing, MOT and paint correction services while we look after your pride and joy. If you’d like to know more, get in touch - we’d love to hear from you! Image credit

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