6 future classic cars to buy during 2024

8 March 2024

Six years ago, we wrote an article detailing the future classic cars to purchase before it was too late. The De Tomaso Deauville, 1990 Range Rover and Lotus Europa were just some of the models featured in our rundown, but as time moves on so does the future classics catching our eye.

Identifying a future classic isn’t easy, and contrary to popular belief, age isn’t the only factor that’ll define what will become hot property within the world of classics. The exclusivity, condition and originality of the vehicle are all important considerations. A cult following or the incorporation of game-changing technology could also see a vehicle classed as a rare breed a little later down the line.

Thankfully, we’ve taken the hard work out of this guessing game by compiling a new list of future classic cars to buy right now!

1. Audi RS 4 Avant B7

Manufactured from 2006 to 2008, the Audi RS 4 Avant B7 certainly ticked the ‘game-changing technology’ box back in the day. A revival of the RS 2 Avant, which was engineered by Porsche, the estate car received a makeover to offer an improvement both in terms of size and specification.

2. BMW Z4 E85/E86

A soft top vehicle with plenty of pizzazz, the BMW Z4 E85/E86 came onto the market in 2004 and now celebrates its 20th anniversary. While it doesn’t deliver the driving experience of the Boxster it is thought to be modelled on, it is well known for its great looks and efficient four-cylinder engine.

3. Ford Puma Mk1

With very few left on UK roads, the Ford Puma Mk1 is set to become very desirable in the classic car world, and with a starting price of just £1,000, it’s a great investment.

While those with higher budgets may be tempted to spend big on the racing version of this 1997 to 2002 vehicle, the 1.7-litre Yamaha engine of the original can’t be found in any other model, which will make it highly prized indeed.

4. Honda Insight Mk1

A trailblazer at the time of production, this late 90s icon is a future classic that will grab your attention as electric and hybrid models become more and more popular. The Honda Insight Mk1 is often described as a ‘retro futuristic spaceship on wheels’, and that says it all!

5. Honda S2000 Mk1

If you have a little more to spend, splurging on a Honda S2000 Mk1 is a good way to go. The beautifully crafted, two-seater roadster is becoming more and more popular, with its powerful, high revving engine particularly revered.

6. Jaguar XJR X308

With its distinct look, the Jaguar XJR X308 really does hit the sweet spot between classic and modern classic, and is expected to be an admirable future classic as a result. It remains very affordable today, but just watch out for the higher fuel and maintenance costs.

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