5 tips for your first motorbike track day

5 February 2018

5 tips for your first motorbike track day

Regardless of your riding experience level or the type of bike you own, the thought of attending your first track day will be a mixture of excitement and fear. Track days are brilliant ways to get the most out of your motorbike, but you need to be prepared, safe and ready for what will be a thrilling day out. Here’s our top five tips for your first motorbike track day:

1. Pick the right type of event

There are lots of different types of track days for motorbiking enthusiasts, therefore it’s important you pick the one that best suits you. Normal track days are fine, but there are some that cater solely for beginner groups and slow riders - don’t be afraid to opt for the latter if you feel it will be a more gentle introduction into the sport!

2. Don’t forget your licence

This one is ridiculously easy to forget, which is why so many people turn up to track days only to have their hopes slashed immediately. Don’t forget your licence when you go to a track day - it’s needed! Providing you have your driving licence paperwork with you, you’ll be allowed on the track and avoid any drawn out registration procedures (or a trip back home to get it).

3. Make sure you fill up and check your bike thoroughly

Let’s start with the maintenance stuff. You don’t want to turn up to an event where your bike is going to be put through its paces without first checking it’s up to the task. Perform as thorough a check on your motorbike as you can. Check all fluid levels, brake performance and the bodywork for signs of damage that might cause problems on the track. Then, before you head to the track, fill her up to the brim (circuit fuel is often very expensive on the day)!

4. Take a friend

Some moral support on the day is a good idea, so why not take a friend or family member along with you? It’ll be a laugh and also mean you have someone on standby if you need any help or words of encouragement.

5. Take the right kit

For most track day events, you’ll need proper leathers, boots, gloves and helmet. Don’t skimp on these - they could be lifesavers. Textile kits are sometimes allowed, but rare, and, regardless, a one-piece or two-piece zip-together will offer far more protection when you’re out on the track. Just don’t take any sparking knee or toe sliders - they’re daft and are banned at most venues.

Wrapping up

The final, bonus tip is a simple one: enjoy yourself! Track days are supposed to be fun, and providing you take all of the necessary safety precautions, your first will be just that. Oh, and if you need motorbike storage in Northants, remember that you can leave you track day weapon with us for just £15.00 per week!

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