5 Frequently Asked Questions About Classic Car Storage

29 July 2019

If you own a classic car, there might be a number of questions you’ve been pondering before taking the step of using a classic car storage facility.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Classic Car Storage that we’d love to answer for you.

By the end of this post, we’re pretty confident you’ll see that classic car storage is the right choice for your pride and joy.

1. How safe is classic car storage?

At SCRACS, we pride ourselves on being 100% safe, having a state-of-the-art CCTV monitored facility in which to store a variety of luxury and classic cars.

Our facility is also climate-controlled, meaning that your classic car will benefit from being stored in the perfect temperature and atmospheric climate to keep its paintwork and parts in pristine condition during its stay.

2. How long/short can I keep my classic car in your facility?

Most classic car storage facilities will be able to offer you storage for whatever length of time you require. Whether you are in the market for somewhere more temporary, or need a semi-permanent base for your classic car – it’s a great option.

At SCRACS, we aim to offer our classic car owners a great place in which to store their car for an unbeatable price, whatever the length of time they need. We also provide ease of access to vehicles, so their owners can come and go as they wish for a viewing, or take their classic car for a spin.

3. What other perks can classic car storage offer?

If you are looking for somewhere to store your classic car for the long term, then you might be wondering: what else can classic car storage offer me to keep my car in perfect condition?

At SCRACS, we are pleased to offer a variety of other perks alongside our classic car storage. These include a full MOT service, intensive cleans, full detailing, servicing and paintwork repairs.

4. Can you collect my vehicle for storage?

People often wonder whether classic car storage companies can also collect their car and transport it to their storage location of choice.

SCRACS’ sister company, Circuit to Circuit, does exactly that. We are therefore confident that we will be able to retrieve your classic car from any location, be it in the UK, Europe or elsewhere in the world with a truly hassle-free service.

5. Will my vehicle be handled with care?

Our staff are fellow car enthusiasts and know exactly how much your classic car means to you in terms of both looks and value. When you entrust SCRACS with your classic car, it is always moved into position with extreme care and stored a safe distance from potential sources of damage.

Any transportation arranged for your classic car can include a covered transport trailer, ensuring your vehicle is safe and away from prying eyes, pesky birds or harsh weather conditions.

Wrapping up

We hope that we have been able to answer some of the more common questions about classic car storage for you!

Why not give SCRACS a call today to arrange the storage your classic car deserves?

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