Your ride deserves secure motorbike storage

Why it's best to leave it with us, rather than in your garage

Motorbike storage

Unless its your daily ride, the chances are your motorbike probably spends more of its time in storage than on the road.

But what if it needs to be stored for longer; can you be sure your garage or private driveway will suffice in terms of security and protection?

Or would you rather have it stored professionally in a 100% secure, climate-controlled facility?

We'll store it!

We love motorbikes as much as we love cars. In fact, they’ve long been a personal favourite of our owner and we have plenty of bike nuts amongst our team, too. This deep love of motorbikes means there really is nowhere better to leave yours for either a short or long period of time than SCRACS!

Our facility is built for the job

If you’re looking for secure motorbike storage, look no further. Set safely within the grounds of a countryside home, our two storage units have round-the-clock security, and a spotless storage area that simply has to be seen to be believed. There’s nowhere safer or more suited to short and long-term motorbike storage than this!

We do more than just store

Storing cars and motorbikes is one of the main reasons we exist, but it’s not the only one. If your bike needs collecting and delivering either to our facility or elsewhere, we can do that. If it needs maintenance undertaking while stored with us we can do that, too!

A never-ending passion for motorbikes

We’re very passionate about motorbikes at SCRACS. Although we’ve spent decades in vehicle transportation and storage, it's still a passion project of ours. You have lots of options for bike storage - we know that - but few will be as inherently suited to looking after your pride and joy as ours. We’ll treat it like our own - we promise.

All motorbikes welcome

Our storage facilities (we have two!) can house a huge number of cars, but even more motorbikes. And, given their size, we can fit all manner of shapes and sizes of two-wheeled beasts in there. No motorbike is too big, too small or too difficult to manoeuvre - just give us a call and we’ll ensure it’s safely stored for you.

Short or long-term storage: whatever you need

Some of the motorbikes we store at SCRACS stay with us for many years, while others will only be with us for a weekend or two. So, whether you’re heading away on business for twelve months or simply taking a long weekend somewhere and want your bike looking after, we’ll be your knights in shining armour.

Book your motorbike storage with us today

Spaces at our two secure storage facilities get booked very quickly, therefore if you’re in need of motorbike storage today, tomorrow or in six weeks’ time, just get in touch to avoid missing out! Our team are friendly, knowledgeable and waiting to book a space for your motorbike which will ensure it’s secure, safe and well-maintained for the duration of its stay with us.

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