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Unless your motorbike is used as for your daily commute and regularly at weekends, there’s a strong chance it spends longs periods of time sat by itself in your garage or, worse, under a cover on your drive.

This is fine - until something bad happens. Over time, motorbikes can deteriorate in health if stored incorrectly and at worst, might end up being stolen by opportunist or organised thieves.

Clearly, you don’t want either of those scenarios to play out for your beloved two-wheeled companion, which is why motorbike storage is a sensible investment. And we can take that job on for you cost-effectively and with zero hassle on your part.

Why you might need motorbike storage

If you live in London, chances are you don’t have a huge amount of storage space for your bike. Real estate comes at a premium in the capital, therefore unless you’re particularly wealthy, you’ll probably struggle to find the room to ensure your motorbike is secure and safe.

This is why at SCRCS we store motorbikes for lots of people who live in London and who want ultimate peace of mind that one of their most prized possessions is properly stored when not in use.

The reasons for needing motorbike storage if you live in London are numerous:

  • a lack of space;
  • regular trips away for work that force you to leave the bike for extended periods of time;
  • winter, when it’s too treacherous and you don’t have the inclination to ride;
  • the bike simply doesn’t get enough use but you don’t want to sell;
  • the arrival of your kids and a desire to put your motorbiking on the back-burner for a while; or
  • extended holidays if you’re retired or lucky enough to be able to take them!

Whatever your reasons for motorbike storage, you need a professional company that can do it for you - properly.

Fully climate-controlled and safe

Our secure motorbike storage facility is located conveniently in Northamptonshire, away from the hustle and bustle of London and within the grounds of our country farm house.

The best security money can buy, full climate control and ever-present human security will give you ultimate peace of mind - for just £12.50 per week!

Benefits of motorbike storage

Why would you sign-up for motorbike storage when you can just leave yours in your garage, back yard or on the drive?

The reasons are endless, but here’s our favourites:

  • thieves won’t be able to get anywhere near it;
  • the mechanics will benefit from regular inspections (plus servicing and any other maintenance work, if required);
  • the bodywork will never fade or deteriorate thanks to climate control;
  • it’s resale value will be maintained due to it essentially being kept in ‘stasis’ for the period it’s stored; and
  • you’ll love it even more when you’re finally reunited!

Don’t sell it - store it

If you’re in two minds about selling your motorbike and really don’t need to for the money, storing it might be a far better idea.

Selling a motorbike is never any fun. It’s hard to find the right seller, achieve the best price and, besides, the feeling of letting go of your best friend is often too much to bear.

If your motorbike isn’t seeing enough use, but you’re not ready to let go just yet, store it with us for ultimate peace of mind that it’ll remain in the best possible health.

We’ll come and get it, too!

We’re based conveniently in Northamptonshire, but if you’d rather not make the trip from London, we can offer affordable, safe motorbike transport to bring your ride to our storage unit.

Motorbike Storage Enquiry from London

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